The Future of Targeting

cClearly’s technology helps marketers plan, target and optimize campaigns effectively and accurately across platforms and channels without the use of cookies or unique IDs. Leveraging artificial intelligence, thousands of non-PII data elements and the marketer’s own historical campaign data, cClearly’s technology generates custom predictive datasets that drive superior performance and scale across channels and platforms without the use of personal information.


Our technology was developed with a privacy-first approach, to deliver superior performance without the use of personally identifiable information. Purpose-built to perform where traditional optimization methods are ineffective due to data sparsity.
Our methodology consists of enriching the marketer’s campaign or sales performance data with thousands of non-PII real-world datapoints such as location-based audience data, weather data, store locations, tv viewership, site metrics and other relevant datasets. We then apply sophisticated machine learning to produce a custom dataset that predicts consumer behavior based on all these factors and used to target customers across platforms and channels without the use of personal information.


Traditional audience targeting is based on targeting the brand’s “average consumer” using cookie data or ratings data. But in reality, the brand’s customer base is a lot more diverse and heterogenic than an “average consumer”. Limiting marketing efforts to one type of audience segment reduces the brand’s potential customer pool, limits scale and increases customer acquisition costs.
cClearly’s customized datasets helps marketers target a broader potential customer base and pay the right price to acquire every customer based on their expected value to the business, delivering substantially more scale and performance than traditional audience targeting.


Walled gardens and channels create siloes that limit the ability to measure, target and optimize. cClearly’s predictive datasets are a single source of truth that is portable across platforms and channels.


cClearly’s predictive datasets are created based on the marketer’s campaign or sales performance data. Use your website or app data to make your OOH, traditional TV or Radio buys more effective, use offline sales data to inform your digital ad buys or use paid search data to optimize programmatic campaigns.


Location-based Audience Optimization

Leverage artificial intelligence and thousands of datapoints at location level along with your own campaign delivery data to accurately predict user value and their likelihood to convert based on their location - without the use of personal information.
Our predictive datasets can help you optimize your paid search, programmatic or social spend, whether cookies are available or not, or help you plan traditional OOH, TV or radio campaigns.

Site URL-based Optimization

Predicting ad performance by site URL had been an impossible task to date. There are millions of long tail sites URLs available to buy on the exchanges and even the largest and most sophisticated advertisers don’t have adequate conversion data to predict performance beyond a short list of high-volume sites.
cClearly leverages machine learning to analyze your historical campaign delivery data by site URL along with a database of hundreds of site URL-related metrics to build a custom dataset that accurately predicts the performance of your campaigns by site URL.

Weather-based Optimization

Weather conditions impact consumer behavior and therefore have an impact on almost any business. However, most businesses don’t understand the impact of weather on their performance let alone act on it in real-time.
cClearly’s weather optimization learns and understands how different weather conditions affect your sales. By leveraging machine learning to analyze your historical sales or campaign performance data, cClearly adjusts campaign delivery based on changing weather conditions.


Channels and Platforms


Paid Search

Are you struggling to increase scale without increasing customer acquisition costs? Struggling to keep up with ever-increasing cost per click?
Improve paid search performance by 30% to 60% by overlaying cClearly custom geo-based audience or weather datasets on your campaigns and shifting your paid search dollars towards the people most likely to buy at the time they are most engaged. cClearly works independently or in tandem with other bid management tools to take your paid search performance to the next level.


Programmatic Display and Video

In a time in which third-party cookies are blocked or purged by ITP in Safari and ETP in Firefox and the use of personally-identifiable information is restricted with regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, do you have the strategy and technology in place to continue filling up your pipeline?
Roughly half of the impressions available on the exchanges these days are restricted in their use of third-party cookies, and their cost can be a fraction of an audience-based impression. Be the master of cookie-less impressions by showing your ads to the right people at the right time without the use of third-party cookies by leveraging cClearly’s custom geo-location, weather and/or site URLs datasets, or use cClearly custom datasets on your existing cookie-based audience buys to improve performance by 80% or more.


Paid Social

Is your cost per acquisition on paid social continuing to increase? Has it become harder to scale profitable ad buys? cClearly’s custom datasets for paid social get your ads in front of the people most likely to convert at a time in which they are most likely to buy, lowering your cost per acquisition while allowing you to scale your spend.


TV, Radio and OOH

Leverage artificial intelligence and digital data from your app or website to plan and execute Addressable TV, Linear local TV, Radio or OOH/DOOH campaigns. Plan your media buys knowing which locations will drive the best performance to maximize the ROI of your ad dollars.


Improve eCPM on direct deals
Package your inventory based on value to the advertiser to drive better campaign performance and higher CPMs

Monetize cookie-less impressions
Apply our custom datasets to your cookie-less impressions to increase their performance for advertisers and increase their value

Acquire more profitable traffic
Improve your traffic acquisition by acquiring users which will drive more page views and higher effective CPMs


Advertisers, Lead Generators & Traders

Improve campaign performance by 30%-80%
Applying cClearly custom datasets to your existing paid search or programmatic campaigns allows you to pay the right CPC or CPM based on the customer’s likelihood to convert

Expand your reach to customers you couldn’t reach before
Leverage our custom datasets to bid on cookie-less bid requests from Safari and Firefox browsers and get your ads in front of lucrative iPhone users

Cut your CPMs by over 50%
Bidding on cookie-less bid requests with our custom datasets will lower your cost of inventory significantly while driving performance

Knock down cross-channel and cross-platform barriers
Apply your paid search data to programmatic and social or vice-versa to share learnings and turbo-charge performance

Get results from day one
Our custom datasets are built from your historical data which means our algorithms don’t have a long learning period – they are effective from the get go

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Founded By Advertising Technology Veterans

cClearly had been developing privacy-compliant, artificial intelligence-based campaign optimization solutions since 2014.

Oren Netzer, Co-Founder and CEO

Prior to founding CClearly, Oren was Co-Founder and CEO of DoubleVerify, which created the ad verification category in 2008. Oren grew DoubleVerify to become a global leader with over 100 employees, $46m of venture capital and hundreds of customers, including 6 of the top 10 online marketers.

Oren led adoption of ad verification in the industry to become a must have for every major marketer and led acceptance and promotion by major advertiser, ad agency and publisher trade organizations. Oren received the distinguished 2012 Technology Pioneers Award by World Economic Forum in Davos and is an inventor of multiple patents in the digital marketing space.

Liran Sigalat, Co-Founder and CTO

Liran was most recently the Research & Development Director for Ad-Serving and Analytics at Sizmek (NASDAQ:SZMK), one of the world’s leading ad management and distribution platforms, where he led a group of 50 engineers overseeing the company’s most mission critical systems and led many architectural changes from design to execution.
Prior to this Liran held various managerial position with Radvision (NASDAQ:RVSN), managed a third of the company’s strategic accounts worldwide, including global enterprises and service providers across various regions. Liran holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the Technion in Israel and an MBA from Tel Aviv University (Cum Laude).