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Use over 5000 datapoints to target and segment paid search campaigns without the use of browser cookies or other unique identifiers

Paid search is a great channel for finding customers in-market for your products but has always fallen short in its audience targeting capabilities due to the inability to target specific audience or use third party data.

For the first time ever, cClearly’s Audience Targeting platform for Paid Search allows search marketers to target and segment campaigns by using over 5000 demographic, financial, attitudinal, lifestyle, psychographic and location data points without the need for browser cookies or other unique identifiers.

  • Define audience segments using one or more of our 5000 datapoints or use our Audience Insights module to identify your best audience
  • Measure how any audience segment performed in the past against your main KPIs
  • Let Audie, our artificial intelligence engine, test millions of datapoints combinations to automatically identify and surface best and worst performing audience segments
  • Apply audience segments to any of your digital campaigns with a click of a button
  • Target ad copy, landing pages or cpc bid amounts by audience segment
  • See projected audience size and search impression volume
  • Use in conjunction with or independently of other bid management tools

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