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Maximize campaign performance and go beyond basic keyword optimization by optimizing your paid search campaigns using thousands of audience segments

Search marketers grapple daily with a competitive and fast-changing landscape and ever-increasing keyword cost per click.  cClearly Audience Optimization technology allows you to go beyond keyword optimization and start optimizing your paid search campaigns based on the audience viewing them and their likelihood to convert, to maximize paid search performance.

  • Let Audie, our artificial intelligence engine, automatically evaluate the correlation between the past performance of your KPIs and between each of our 5000 datapoints and automatically calculate a post code level bid modifier based on the expected performance of the post code
  • Apply bid modifiers to selected campaigns with a click of a button
  • Separately analyze different sets of campaigns to apply the optimal geo bid modifiers to every product, keyword type and/or funnel stage to maximize performance
  • Control the ranges and levels or geo bid modifiers and see expected performance projections
  • Optimize based on fixed budget or optimize to an unlimited budget with a fixed KPI target
  • Exclude or include certain geographical regions
  • Use in conjunction with or independently of other bid management tools

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