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Our suite of tools helps uncover new customer insights and improve paid search performance by fusing the marketer’s paid search data together with our proprietary database of thousands of audience and intent datapoints and our clickstream data on millions of consumers


cClearly’s platform combines unique and proprietary clickstream data on over 50 million consumers with over 5000 facts and datapoints about those consumers together with the marketer’s first party consumer interaction data to help marketers find insights, target campaigns and optimize performance effectively across all media channels and paid search in particular.

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  • Audience Insights – easily discover new insights about your audience and about your competitors audience to better plan media campaigns and messaging
  • Audience Targeting for Paid Search – target and segment your paid search campaign using over 5000 datapoints to get the right messages in front of the most qualified customers
  • Audience Optimization for Paid Search – go beyond keyword optimization, lower cost per acquisition and increase conversions through sophisticated, geo-based audience optimization